The P.190040 is a welding tooling designed and fabricated in a steel profile frame made of 150x100x8 mm S355JR profiles. It has a double frame for a higher rigidity. The steel plate components and fixtures were cut by laser.

utillaje de soldadura

The following step for the manufacturing of the welding tooling, next to the frame and sheet metal elements, was the painting and assembly of components.

util de soldadura
util de soldadura

One all the mechanic elements were installed, it was the time for the pneumatic system. In this particular tooling, there were SMC linear actuators and De-sta-co  vertical swing clamps.

utillajes con neumatica

Next, it is time for the dimensional assessment, the final adjust and the functional tests of the tooling.

Last, the tooling is packed up and it is ready to be sent to the customer’s facilites.

utillaje de soldadura ferrocarril