Engineering and manufacting of capital goods for the industrial sector

Ruiz Cristóbal S.A. is a company dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacturing of capital goods for the industrial sector. In its early years, the company started out as a small workshop dedicated to sheet metal fabrications. In 1981, after the increase of workload thanks to the confidence of our customers and the company “Juan Ruiz Cristobal S.A” was founded and it moved to its current location.

Nowadays, the company is run by the third generation of the famliy, and has been able to develop its own engineering departemnt. The company has developed its own line of products and also provides with turnkey solutions for the specific needs of each customer.

Calderería Ruiz Cristóbal Zaragoza

Mision, vision and company values

Out mision as a company is to get the best results, in time and working closely to our customers in order to obtain an increasingly better degree of satisfaction.

Out vision is to become an innovative and modern company using the best work force and technology in order to consolidate our presence national and internationally. We believe that hiring talented people and modernizing our porcesses is the best way to offer our customers the best and most efficient solutions to their needs.

Our company values are:

  • Honesty and acountability with our customers, suppliers, workers…
  • Customer orientation of our Know-how and efforts in order to get the expected results.
  • Constant innovation and creativity to meet and exceed our customers expectations.
  • Compromise with results.
  • Quality and durabily first.

So we put at your disposal all of Know-how accumulated over the last 50 years. Besides, the company has the ISO 9001:2015 certification in “Design, mechanical engineering and fabrication of capital goods for the industrial sector. Sheet metal projects and fabrications”.

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